DIY Garage Door Installation

Installing a new garage door is a moderately easy home project that can be done without the aid of a professional if the proper guidelines are followed correctly. There are certain precautions that need to be taken to uphold the mechanical stability and safety of the door. By taking the right precautions and following these guidelines, you can successfully install your own garage door.

The first step in installing a garage door, especially if the door is steel, is getting a steel stiffener. Steel garage doors are usually made from 24 or 25 gauge steel which requires a 14 gauge steel stiffener. The stiffener is installed along the top edge of the garage door to prevent the door from jamming. Usually the steel stiffener has to be purchased separately because they are not included in most door kits. The door then must be assembled before installation can begin. Garage doors usually include a manual that explains the panel assembly of the door.

The other important step to take before installing the garage door is to make sure that you have the proper type of opener for the door. Garage door manufacturers can offer guidance on which openers work best for certain doors depending on the weight and material of the door. Some openers need to be installed off-center from the door so be sure to check with the opener manufacturer for proper installation guidelines. Other electronic devices within a garage must be disabled before installing an opener to avoid any electronic interference.

Once the garage door opener is installed, it is time to install the door itself. The first step is to connect the opener to the center of the door via the trolley. It is important to have the opener centered with the door to avoid twisting and binding the door while opening. Once the opener is secured to the door, the counterbalance system needs to be adjusted every foot the door is raised to stabilize it. Counterbalance systems that are well-adjusted help prevent the door from slamming suddenly and allow the door to lift open if the opener stops working or disconnects from the door. The door should be set so that the rubber gasket along the bottom is pressed firmly between the door and the ground to prevent seepage. It is wise to call a professional to help with spring adjustment if needed because adjusting garage door springs is a dangerous job without the proper training.

The final step of garage door installation is to test the functioning of the garage door and opener. If the opening mechanisms are aligned properly, the door and opener should function safely without binding the garage door. Following the proper installation methods can make installing a garage door a relatively easy do-it-yourself project.

Disclaimer: Garage installation jobs are dangerous jobs to perform without the aid of a professional. We highly advise that you proceed with extreme caution and follow the necessary steps and safety guidelines to perform a job properly if you feel confident in your abilities to do so. Please call Affordable Garage Door with any questions or concerns before undertaking any job yourself.


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