Chicago Spring Repair and Replacement

 Chicago Spring RepairGarage door springs are an important part of the opening mechanism and the most common cause of door malfunction. Springs hold the tension used to move the garage door and tend to wear out and break after years of use. Spring replacement is a dangerous process that requires trained expertise of the garage door system.

The tension held by the springs is strong enough to cause severe injury or property damage which is why this job should be performed by trained professionals that know how to properly release the tension from the springs. It is also important to have both springs replaced even if only one appears worn because the second spring will most likely wear out or break soon after. Affordable Garage Door technicians are trained to replace garage door springs safely.

Call Affordable Garage Door Services if you think your springs may be worn or broken.

Garage door spring malfunctions are the most common repair needed and they can also make your garage door very dangerous to operate. If you experience garage door spring problems, do not try to open your garage door and call our 24/7 emergency service hotline so we can address the problem immediately.

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