Garage Door FAQ

This page is here as a quick reference page for common problems and questions related to garage doors. Check this page if you think you may have a problem with your door or opening system and do not hesitate to call Affordable Garage Doors of Illinois for further information.

Why does my garage door only open half way?

This generally happens when a spring wears out or breaks. A broken spring makes the door too heavy for the opener which will detect the extra weight and automatically shut off. Do not operate the door until the springs have been replaced.

Why does my garage door open crooked?

The cable is important for door alignment so this probably means that the cable is broken or out of its groove. Using a garage door with a broken cable could do damage to the tracks which is why the door should not be used until the cable is fixed and the door is realigned.

Why does the garage door make a grinding noise as it moves?

Worn or broken rollers make grinding noises as they move along the tracks. Rollers tend to break and fall off, compromising the smoothness of the door. Replacing worn and broken rollers will increase the smoothness of the door and make much less noise.

Why does the motor of the opener run without lifting the garage door?

This happens when the drive gear in the door opener is stripped. This gear pulls the drive assembly that lifts the door but cannot function if it is stripped. It is best to unplug or turn off the motor when this happens because running the opener with a stripped drive gear could cause the motor to overheat.

Why isn’t the garage door remote working?

This could mean that the remote needs to be re-programmed or needs new batteries. Try changing the batteries and if the problem persists, try re-programming the remote. If neither action solves the problem, contact Affordable Garage Doors for more assistance.

How come when I try to open the garage door, the door does not move and the opener light blinks?

This could mean that the sensors are detecting something between the tracks or they are out of alignment with each other. Each sensor has a light that is on when the sensors are in alignment. If one of the sensors is not lit, adjust it to realign with the other sensor. The light will come back on when they are realigned.

Affordable Garage Door Services has included this FAQ page to help you diagnose problems regarding garage doors and offer solutions for these problems. If this page does not answer a question you may have, please call our emergency 24/7 hotline to talk to a professional.

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