Commercial Garage Door Types

Aluminum Garage doors allow for more light and full visibility while adding a modern, industrial look to a building. These doors normally feature glass windows which make them ideal for merging indoor and outdoor spaces, and they can be used used as exterior doors or as internal partitions. Aluminum doors are commonly used in restaurants, fire stations, car dealerships, and office buildings with modern architecture.

Sectional Doors: Sectional commercial doors consist of several panels like residential sectionals and are made from steel or aluminum. Our sectional doors have multiple steel gauge, insulation, and glazing options. The door’s skin is 27-gauge steel and the interior and exterior of the doors are stucco embossed. We also offer a 4-step insulation system including insulation, weather-stripping, thermal break, and tongue and groove construction.

Rolling Steel Doors: These doors are constructed from steel with corrugations that allow the door to roll up while opening. The corrugations also make the door stronger to withstand impacts. There are several types of rolling steel doors.

Service Doors: These doors are made with slat profiles, with the option of perforated slats for airflow and are offered in steel gauges from 18 to 24. Security doors come in stainless steel and aluminum that can be painted many colors.

Counter Doors: These rolling steel doors are fitted for smaller areas and counter tops to close off concession areas, pharmacies, and similar areas.

Grilles: These doors are made of perforated slats for full visibility and air circulation and can be side-folding or rolling openers. Security grilles are ideal for malls, schools, and garages.

Rolling Sheet Doors: These doors are composed of wide steel sheets hemmed together. The grooves in the hems catch with the grooves of the spring loaded shaft that rolls the door up.

Aluminum and steel garage doors are built strong to withstand demanding conditions. Commercial doors should not only uphold strength, but also provide security for a commercial building.

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