DIY Spring Replacement

Replacing garage door springs is the most difficult, as well as the most dangerous job to perform regarding garage doors and their parts. It is highly recommended to hire a garage door technician to make any necessary spring adjustments or repairs given the dangerous nature of the job. However, if the job must be performed without the aid of a professional, carefully follow these steps to familiarize yourself with how the springs and their components work and the proper way to handle the springs to avoid causing damage to your property or serious injury to yourself.

Before attempting to replace any springs, it is important to become familiar with the two types of garage door springs. The two main types of garage door springs are side-mounted, or extension springs and torsion springs. Side-mounted springs are installed in pairs and lift the door by stretching and extending. They work with the initial tension of the closed garage door and are normally mounted to the corners of the door, perpendicular to the top of the door in the closed position. It is important replace both springs at once, even if only one seems broken. The second spring is always quick to follow suit. Torsion springs are mounted parallel to the top of the door on the wall above the door. The torsion spring coils and uncoils around a stationary metal shaft to open the door with the released tension.

Once you realize which types of springs are on your door and their mechanism, you can now start the job. Side-mounted springs can be replaced easier without the aid of a professional and torsion springs are best handled professionally. Garage door springs are attached to the cables that lift the door and bear an enormous amount of tension. Improper handling of this tension could lead to severe injury or property damage. The first step is to secure the door by opening it fully and holding it in place with C-clamps or vice grips. Securing the door will release most of the tension from the springs and cables.

Once the garage door is secured, the spring can be removed by detaching the end farthest from the door opening. After the far side is removed, the cable needs to be removed to release the spring. This will allow the spring to be removed completely. The spring should be replaced and the new spring secured before the other spring is removed.

To install the new spring, the eye bolt has to be secured to the track’s hangar. Once the eye bolt is secured, the other end of the spring must be attached to the front pulley from the door assembly with the U-shaped clip around the pulley. This clip should then be secured to the pulley with a nut and bolt. The next step is to secure this bolt to the track flag. This is most effective if done from the inside of the door. The pulley must be affixed to the outside of the track and secured by the nut. Now put the cable back in its original position by pulling it tightly and stretching the spring. Align the hole-plate with the adjusting hole and tie the cable to the plate. Then secure the cable to the plate’s open end by inserting an S-hook through the adjusting holes and running the cable through the middle of the spring and around the pulley. Pull this cable tight and tie it to the adjusting hole to secure it back into place. This entire procedure must then be repeated to replace the other spring.

The most important safety tip to remember when replacing garage door springs is to replace both of them at once to avoid causing further damage. Also, take every safety precaution into consideration because changing springs is still a dangerous job that can cause serious injury or property damage if not handled with care. It is important to make sure the garage door is open completely and secured before doing any work to relieve as much tension from the springs as possible. Remember, this job is best done by a professional so do not hesitate to contact an Affordable Garage Door technician with any questions or concerns about spring door replacement.

Disclaimer: Garage installation jobs are dangerous jobs to perform without the aid of a professional. We highly advise that you proceed with extreme caution and follow the necessary steps and safety guidelines to perform a job properly if you feel confident in your abilities to do so. Please call Affordable Garage Door with any questions or concerns before undertaking any job yourself.

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