Garage Door Safety Tips

The garage door system is an important part of a functioning home which is why this system should be routinely maintained. A malfunctioning garage door could pose safety risks and working on the door or its components is a dangerous job for those without proper training. It is highly recommended to call a professional to resolve any major issues; however, there is simple maintenance that can be done regularly to keep your garage functional and safe. The visual inspection is the easiest maintenance to perform. All components of the garage door should be thoroughly inspected about every four weeks for wear and tear. If a problem is discovered, either call an Affordable Garage technician or approach the problem carefully with these safety tips in mind.

The most important component of the garage door system is the door itself. This is the largest door in a home and it is usually powered by an electric opener. The door must be aligned and adjusted properly to ensure safe operation. If the door is out of alignment, it can disconnect from the opener and suddenly fall shut. Garage doors are heavy and can fall with enough force to cause serious injury or even death. The component parts of a garage door system also affect the overall safety of the door which is why inspecting each part individually is crucial for the operation of the entire system.

The next biggest component of this system is the garage door opener. Openers come in several varieties that use different opening mechanisms. Each opening mechanism differs in power and noise. The most important safety tip to remember with garage door openers is that the opener type must be right for the size and weight of the garage door. If the opener is not strong enough for the door it could lead to major problems for both components. Affordable Garage’s professional technicians can help you determine which opener fits best with your door type. The other safety concern with garage door openers involves motion sensors. In 1993, a federal law was passed requiring all garage door openers to feature motion sensors to prevent the door from closing if something is detected in the path of the door. It is highly recommended to replace any openers that are too old to have the sensors.

Another important part of the garage door that should be inspected regularly is the corner brackets. These brackets are attached to the bottom corners of the door and connect to the cables that lift the door. The cables work under high pressure and if they become disconnected, the brackets could go flying off the door and cause serious injury or property damage. Call Affordable Garage Door if you suspect a problem with the corner brackets or cables.

The most commonly malfunctioning and most dangerous component of a garage door system is the door springs. Garage door springs hold the tension used to move the door and require proper handling to release the tension safely. If springs are mishandled, the pent-up tension could cause the springs to fly off their mounts. Door springs come in two main types; extension and torsion. Extension springs are installed perpendicular to the door and they extend and stretch to open the door. Torsion springs are installed parallel to the top edge of the door and provide the tension by winding and unwinding. Working on either type of garage door spring is a dangerous job which is why this job is best handled by professionals. Affordable Garage Door’s technicians are properly trained in replacing both types of garage door springs so do not hesitate to call if there is a problem with your springs. Performing regular maintenance inspections on your garage door is the easiest way to maintain the system and catch malfunctions before they become bigger problems. Affordable Garage Door Services has a 24/7 emergency service hotline to answer any questions you may have about garage door maintenance.

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