Garage Cable & Track Repair

Your garage door is held in alignment by the cable and garage tracks. The cable runs in a groove around a pulley and if the cable comes out of the groove, it will throw the door out of alignment. This can happen if the door is hit while moving or if it falls to the ground. Do not try to open a garage door with the cable off the drum; it will cause the door to hang.

Garage tracks are the other components that keep the door aligned. The rollers at the bottom of the door travel in the tracks as the door moves. Sometimes the garage tracks can get clogged with debris or corroded if exposed to enough road salt. Garage tracks are also easily dented if hit by a car. It is important to keep the garage tracks maintained to avoid debris build up and to get any problems with the garage track fixed before it causes further damage. Affordable Garage Door Services can fix alignment problems with the cables or tracks.

Call Affordable Garage Doors at the first hint of cable or track malfunction to have the problem assessed immediately.

The cables and tracks on a garage door are meant to keep the door aligned so that it operates smoothly. If your door is thrown out of alignment, trying to use it could cause further damage. Call our emergency 24/7 service hotline if you experience problems with the tracks or cables.

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