Commercial Openers

Commercial garage doors are used much more frequently than residential doors, which is why commercial openers need to be stronger and more durable. Some other things to consider with commercial openers are opener types and safety features. As of August 29, 2010, commercial doors with a UL label must have safety features to open the door if something is detected in the door’s path while closing. Commercial openers come in four varieties with different purposes. Affordable Garage Doors of Illinois can help you decide on the appropriate opener and door combination.

Trolley Operators:
These commercial openers pull the door open by gliding on a rail. Trolley operators can open light to heavy-duty doors and work best with sectional doors.

Jackshaft Operators:
These commercial openers have a motor that powers a gear and chain to roll open the door. These openers are paired with rolling doors, rolling grilles, and shutters ranging from light-duty to heavy industrial-duty.

Hoist Operators:
These operators have a torque motor that powers a chain to hoist a door open. Hoist operators are used with rolling doors that have a high clearance and come in medium, industrial, and heavy industrial-strength.

Slide Operators:
Slide operators are similar to trolley operators but are more heavy-duty. They are used with single and bi-parting slide and fire doors and come in industrial and heavy industrial-strength.

Commercial garage door openers are much stronger and more durable than residential openers to meet the high demand of industrial environments. These different types of commercial openers operate in slightly different ways. Affordable Garage Door professionals can help decide which commercial opener is most appropriate for your business.

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